Knee Discomfort

Knee pain is a common reason for people to visit their physical therapist. Often, knee pain is the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. But some medical conditions can also bring you to your knees, including arthritis, bursitis, patellofemoral syndrome, and tendonitis.

Commonly treated conditions

  • Post-surgical care of ligament repairs, such as ACL, MCL, PCL, MPFL, and LCL 
  • Knee instability
  • Quadriceps muscle strains
  • Iliotibial band syndrome
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Chondral changes at the knee
  • Patellofemoral pain
  • Patella dislocations, acute and chronic
  • Anterior knee pain
  • Jumper’s Knee
  • Meniscal tears, or post-surgical care of meniscectomy or meniscal repair

The bottom line

If you have suffered a knee injury from a sport, an accident, or a degenerative condition, the team at Elevate Physical Therapy can help you reduce pain, recover easier, and get you back to doing what you love. 

Knee Discomfort
Knee Discomfort

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