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On March 9th, 2020 I opened the doors on what I expected would be a small start-up physical therapy clinic in the place I call home – Klamath Falls, OR. My business plans and goals were based on slow but steady growth for my first year. I had no great expectations and, honestly, I was really scared. Anyone who has started a business from scratch realizes how many small moving parts there are and how much work it is.

Little did I know what 2020 had in store.  

One week after opening, the US and the rest of the world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic, and everything started to unravel– for everyone. Unbelievably, and by God’s grace, the clinic still grew. Here we are today expanding into a space nearly 3x the size of the one we’ve been in for the past 2 years. Our staff now runs 10-strong, and we are currently expanding to handle the incredible growth we’ve experienced. We are continuing to work hard to scale with the growth that is occurring while providing the same high-value, high-quality care we are so passionate about.

I started this clinic because I wanted to be able to do physical therapy the way I feel in my heart it needs to be done. We want to help each person that comes into our clinic to be the very best version of themselves. We want to treat the whole person and help people move better, function better, and enthusiastically support and help them take ownership of their health, wellness, and recovery. As therapists, we have so much to offer our patients, and I know that we can make a difference in our great little community. At no time in the past couple of decades did I think this was more true, let alone possible, than over the past several months.

From our early infancy to what I guess would now be considered our “tweens”, we are glad to be at the center of this community providing care and compassion to those that walk in our door.  We’ll continue to do so as we all push through this year and beyond. We look forward to growing and building a strong and vibrant footprint in this region and look forward to the time when we get to take care of you and your loved ones.

Jason Taylor

PT and Owner

Jason Taylor

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