Our Core Values

High-Value, Quality Care

Treatment doesn’t happen in a vacuum. All care provided is based on sound, evidence-based research coupled with patient goals and desires. The result is high-value, quality care and patients that see improvements in function faster and with less healthcare utilization than other clinics.

Demonstrate Integrity and Character

Throughout the entire scope of the business, we will both demonstrate and expect the highest level of integrity, character, and respect for our clients, community, and others.

Be Determined and Passionate

We will be our clients’ greatest fans, cheerleaders, and supporters. We will not give up but will exhaust ourselves in an effort to help each client improve. We hold compassion for our patients, and will demonstrate this human quality to anyone in need.

Build a Positive Team and Family Atmosphere

We will provide value outside the walls of our practice by engaging and contributing in ways that build and improve our community.

Be a Life-Long Learner

This is twofold. First, we place a high value on being leaders in skillfully educating clients to improve outcomes. Secondly, in order to do that, we must be subject-matter experts committed to continuing our own education by staying abreast of literature and emerging research within our profession and areas of interest.

Create Fun and be Amazingly Different

You’ll never find a more fun-loving, kind, and enjoyable staff to work alongside of. We love life and exhibit a positive and grateful attitude everyday.

Communicate with Love and Respect

“Seek first to understand before being understood.” We live by this creed. We listen and communicate with truth, respect, compassion, and kindness.  

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