Our Clinic offers ForceDecks, Dual Force Plate System for analysing strength and imbalance

Measure key performance indicators, muscle imbalance and injury rehab progress

With ForceDecks we are able to measure and assess your strength, side-to-side differences and movement through a range of exercises and jumps. Previously limited to elite sporting teams including many of those in the NBA, NFL and EPL and a number of performance and research centres, our clinic has invested in this technology to make it available to you.

Once your assessment is complete, the system will generate a report of how your body moves and we will use this information to work with you to track progress and key milestones to reach your goals whether that be pain-free, performance, return-to sport or your daily activities.

How does ForceDecks work?

ForceDecks gather a complete assessment of strength and power as well as the movements you need to perform in daily activities or sport, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, jumps, hops, push-ups, and more.

See your results instantly captured and analysed to allow your practitioner to gather objective data to make decisions for your performance or rehab program.


A complete report to take home

As soon as you complete an assessment, one-click automatically generates a complete test report.The data is shown in easy to interpret graphs for your review.

Performance profiling

How quickly do you create force, what is your athletic profile are you powerful or strong or both?

Fatigue and readiness monitoring

Compare your fatigue levels from week to week. Are you ready to perform at your best?

Training and rehab progression

Compare yourself to your numbers when you were at full fitness and pain-free.

Some of the tests include:

  • Countermovement jump
  • Squat jump
  • Single-leg jump
  • Drop jump
  • Land and hold
  • Weighted squat

For rehab and minimising injury risk

Using the data from a ForceDecks assessment we design better rehabilitation, training, and management programs. See progress throughout your journey and know your plan is on the right track to helping you achieve your goals.


Frequently asked questions

Who can benefit from ForceDecks analysis?
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People with injuries pre-op and post-op. Athletes looking to improve their strength and prevent injuries. Exercise plan for older individuals to improve balance and strength and prevent falls.

How long does it take?
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Depending on the tests, it can take between 2 and 30 minutes.

Is this only for assessments?
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No, this can also be very useful for rehabilitation and training.

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