Blood Flow Restriction

A cutting-edge treatment for those who have experienced musculoskeletal injury or surgery, Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) therapy can offer incredible advantages to the rehabilitation process.

The use of BFR can speed up healing and recovery while minimizing the potential for muscle loss, all while minimizing the training load and overall stress at the site of your injury or surgery.

How blood flow restriction therapy works

Blood Flow Restriction therapy is a rehabilitation tool that combines the use of a tourniquet and a Doppler system placed on the arm or thigh that restricts blood flow to the spot where injury and/or surgery took place. By restricting blood flow, the muscles aren’t required to work as hard (20 to 30 percent loads vs. the normal 70 percent load) in order to strengthen muscles.

This is an important breakthrough because, through BFR, patients no longer need to wait for the affected joint or limb to heal before it can physically handle the level of resistance typically needed to build strength. Thus, healing and recovery are expedited.

The bottom line

If you’ve suffered an injury or have an orthopedic surgery scheduled, and you’re wondering if BFR Therapy could work for you, contact us to set up an evaluation of your condition and find your quickest, safest, and most direct path toward healing.

Blood Flow Restriction
Blood Flow Restriction

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