Arica Slawson

Arica Slawson

Office Assistant, PT Aide

Professional Journey

Arica has been working with children in the coaching industry for the last 15 years and is excited to work with Elevate Physical Therapy team "to get moving and keep moving". Being an active person, Arica strives to be in a fast -paced environment where she is always on her toes. Arica loves to challenge herself physically and to be able to help others in their fitness journey. Arica is in the process of obtaining her certification as a personal trainer (American College of Sports Medicine) ACSM.

Personal Life

Arica moved from Tacoma, Washington with her husband, Tom, who is the Head Women's Soccer Coach at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). Together they enjoy the small town atmosphere and no traffic that Klamath Falls offers.

Something You Enjoy

Arica loves to play many sports, most particularly soccer. She has played competitively for the last 20 years including being part of the Women's Sounders Soccer Team. She loves animals and has spent three years volunteering at the Tacoma Humane Society.

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