Nicole Kandra

Nicole Kandra


Professional Journey

Nicole has over 7 years of experience practicing as a certified athletic trainer (ATC). She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Oregon State University, and a master’s degree in Athletic Training from the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. Although the last few years have been spent working with collegiate athletes at OIT here in Klamath Falls, she has also worked with high school athletes, chiropractic patients, and even with “industrial athletes” up at the Boeing 737 Delivery Center in Seattle. Nicole loves the hands-on part of athletic training, and specializes in manual therapies such as deep tissue massage, active release techniques, and myofascial decompression (more commonly known as cupping). She values the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with her patients and athletes, and always strives to bring sincerity, compassion, and honesty to her practice.

Personal Life

Nicole is a Klamath Falls native and returned, as so many do, to the basin after 7 years spent away in Corvallis, Honolulu, and finally Seattle. She is the oldest of 3 girls, a new aunt, and has a blue heeler named Piper. 

Something You Enjoy

Nicole spends most of her free time playing outside - although her first love is mountain running, she also loves bike touring, rock climbing, and skiing. Her creative pursuits include photography and writing. ‍

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