Christina Brent

Christina Brent


Professional Journey

Christina has over eleven years of experience working as a physical therapist assistant primarily working in outpatient settings. Christina enjoys working with complex orthopedic injuries and chronic pain teaching people how to do daily tasks with less pain. She has practical and common sense teaching style that is easy to understand and apply. She has a quirky personality and a dry sense of humor. Encouraging personal accountability with clients and empowering them to meet their own goals with professional guidance is her favorite thing to do. Christina will be glad to assist you in meeting your goals in collaboration with one of our talented Physical Therapists.

Personal Life

Christina grew up in Pacifica California and relocated to Klamath County in 2015 with her husband and their 3 kids. She enjoys Klamath for its beauty and the people who have welcomed her here so openly.

Something You Enjoy

Christina loves being a mom and a wife and feels like family life in a rural community. She loves to work in the garden and see, taste and share the fruits of her small garden.

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